Revit & BIM

Revit & BIM

We strive to position ourselves as a leader in the field of design and modelling and therefore recognise the role of BIM Level 2 within the construction sector.

Revit & BIM Overview

Blue Clarity has fully embraced BIM and works to Level 2 standards.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) enables everyone to interact with a building and/or infrastructure in a format that 2D plans cannot facilitate.

Blue Clarity Services

BIM provides greater clarity for all stakeholders throughout a project’s life span by enabling and supporting design, visualisation, simulation and collaboration.

Whilst reducing design fees and construction errors, BIM is also geared towards post construction building maintenance and helping manage a building across its entire life cycle. Our completely integrated and accurate BIM models include the virtual equivalent of all disciplines and methods used to construct an actual building, road or bridge. At Blue Clarity, we understand the advantages of BIM Level 2 implementation and model all relevant schemes in Revit to facilitate the input of other construction professionals and the output of valuable information. Blue Clarity has fully incorporated BIM Level 2, the recognised level of excellence and proficiency, into its practice.

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