Cost Effective Network Broadband to Rural Communities
Case Study

Cost Effective Network Broadband to Rural Communities

Demand for broadband in rural areas is now being driven by Government policy as well as customers ever increasing quest for the available range of IP services.

And, when it comes to planning your cost effective network and successful customer delivery, Blue Clarity’s tried and tested models and methodology ensure you are in safe hands.


Previously, broadband in rural areas was considered a contentious issue because of commercial operators proving unwilling to invest in significant infrastructure due to the small revenue return and the low density of properties. However, fibre to the home (FTTH) is the technical answer to satisfy demand but the practical implications and associated delivery cost is still a significant challenge. For network operators and private venture capitalists, return on investment is key and the multiple technical alternatives, combined with “future” proofing, makes the process of assessment and risk management a particularly complex one.

Blue Clarity were assigned the challenge of assessing, designing and planning a cost effective Gigabit FTTH scheme for two remote hamlets in Gloucestershire totalling some 217 properties; all of which had to include a service provision.

Solution Options

Ideally a uniformed technical approach would be preferable but each location and set of circumstances dictates disparate solutions and outcomes. As expected, planning and designing remote rural areas requires a different approach than cities and suburban areas where there is a naturally higher density of properties per hectare. Interconnect ability is key and assessment of third party operators’ networks is therefore critical. These third party networks are normally prevalent in cities but are few and far between in rural locations with BT often proving the only option.

Consequently, Blue Clarity have developed a range of capabilities to plan and design fibre solutions and customer connections whilst ensuring the most cost effective network and future proof design. We assess all options and possibilities whether that involves gigabit-capable passive optical networks (GPON), passive optical networks (PON), underground networks or aerial networks. With our in-house acquisition team, we also explored cost effective civils routes and negotiated on wayleaves. Fibre optical cables, fittings, splitters, chambers and cabinets were also cost effectively selected against technical specifications to ensure compliance and the longevity of the infrastructures life cycle.

The Results

We planned and designed a robust future proof FTTH network for 217 rural homes in Gloucestershire using one centrally fed cabinet. After site surveys and model analysis, a point to point architecture was proposed to enable true Gigabit services were delivered to individual properties via fibre pairing. The use of micro duct and blown fibre enabled a lower cost and customer driven connection methodology. In addition, a number of wayleave opportunities were also identified which drastically reduced the costly highway excavation. Importantly, this meant less disruption for the surrounding community, faster network deployment, reduced risk, expedited revenue and resulted in a better return on investment. Therefore, whether it’s cities, suburban locations, villages or remote rural areas Blue Clarity has the experience and expertise to fast track your FTTH design.

217 rural homes serviced.

Gigabit design and home solution delivery.

Government commitment exceeded.