Acquisition & Planning

Acquisition & Planning

Helping to plan and manage utility infrastructures and networks.

Acquisition & Planning Overview

Blue Clarity offer utility related acquisition and planning services to tier one organisations operating across water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and rail.

Whether it’s new electricity substations or gas reducing stations, we work closely and successfully with clients to oversee legal proceedings, carry out site assessments and negotiate on wayleaves.

Blue Clarity Services

For successful commercial and residential delivery, alongside the respective final integrations and home owner occupation, a timely and cost effective site acquisition and planning service is essential.

Blue Clarity’s in depth expertise of utility master planning, inner city regeneration and garden cities ensures commercial and residential developments are thoroughly project managed with site assessment, legal agreements and wayleaves all pro-actively obtained and cost effectively negotiated. In addition, we offer portfolio and property management services and can guarantee that all acquisition and planning requirements are fully met and positively tailored to each individual project. Discuss a project with us