Site Surveys

Site Surveys

Locating and mapping utilities services whether above or below ground level.

Site Surveys Overview

Blue Clarity’s team of utilities surveyors have a depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to non-invasive underground utilities mapping and surveying.

Buried utilities services can be exceptionally difficult to locate but by investing in the latest cutting edge technology we can provide detailed utilities mapping and plotting.

Blue Clarity Services Blue Clarity Services

To identify new commercial and residential utility requirements, the presence, location and capacity of existing gas, water, electric, telecommunication and storm/sewer drainage systems has to be investigated and fully understood.

Blue Clarity’s technical consultants liaise with local distribution network operators (DNOs) to obtain as laid records, better understand the impact of potential site proposals, determine whether diversions are necessary, map utilities points of contact and prepare for any prescribed load requirements and traffic management provisions. Blue Clarity provides a detailed site survey which involves physically locating existing services with electromagnetic and/or ground penetrating radar. This not only accurately locates surface services but also those of considerable underground depth. This is then followed by a topographical survey to plot existing features and street furniture above ground level and unknown utilities below the surface. Discuss a project with us