Acquisition & Planning

Acquisition & Planning

Acquiring, planning and negotiating on new, replacement and upgrade telecommunications sites.

Acquisition & Planning Overview

Our site acquisition and planning team have a wealth of knowledge and experience across the UK and Ireland.

Blue Clarity will not only identify potential telecommunications sites but also negotiate on behalf of our clients with vendors, solicitors and local councils throughout the site acquisition and planning process.

Blue Clarity Services

Whether it’s a new site, a proposed network infrastructure or the management of existing assets, we offer a portfolio of acquisition and planning services which exceed industry expectations.

From site identification and survey to town planning feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments, our skilled personnel act in our clients' best interest to future proof agreements over the life cycle of the asset. Our professionally qualified staff manage network estates, site shares and site upgrades. With technology driven efficiency, our team manages projects through lease renewals, rent reviews, valuations, disposals and site decommissioning. Blue Clarity's acquisition and planning team have a thorough understanding of the telecommunications code including its interaction with landlords, tenant rights and application sensitivity. Discuss a project with us